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About the Photographers

Hey there! We are Susy and Joe, destination wedding photographers.  We love to photograph elopements and intimate weddings. Our photography is romantic, nostalgic and genuine.
We adore to take pictures of real people, in love, living their best life. 

At home we love to watch movies and tv shows together. Some of our favorites are The Holiday,  Jurassic Park , Gilmore Girls, Friday Night Lights, Four Weddings and Funeral (the TV show) and Hocus Pocus. Susy loves to read, draw, sing and is a freelance writer. She meditates, takes long walks and practices mindfulness everyday. Joe likes going to the movie theatre, listening to records and going to shows. He's a musician, loves playing trivia and hosting pizza nights with friends. We love listening to podcasts, bedtime and Disney.

We both have backgrounds in education but neither of us followed that path. Joe was working a corporate job and Susy was a nanny and personal assistant for many years. We're creatives and photography is one of our many outlets. We like road trips, traveling to new places and visiting Disney World. Susy worked at Disney World as a character where she played Mickey and Minnie. 


We live in a small town and love to walk to main street to visit the quaint shops, grab milkshakes and eat brunch. When we can, we take bike rides together or walk through the forest parks nearby. We have two dogs, Lucky and Rudy, who go with us everywhere. They're the best boys in the world. Lucky loves bananas and Rudy likes to boss everyone around. 

We were married in Marblehead, Massachusetts among some of our closest family and friends, at at a small Inn by the ocean. It was an intimate wedding of 25 guests.  The Inn owners, who were dear friends, officiated it. We had been together for 1 2 years before saying I Do.

 Our wedding video was a compilation of iphone footage taken on the day by friends and family. When  we watch it or flip through our pictures, we remember all the little nuances that made it the best day of our lives.  We suppose our wedding had a lot to do with our choice to start our photography business.  A wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and we love that we get to be a part of it, behind the lens and as your friends. We can't wait to meet you and take pictures of your special day. 

There is something so magnetic about love, about witnessing it and we are so very fortunate to photograph it.


Elopements start at $2,400 and full wedding days start at $5,500

Reach out to us anytime for a full quote

Tel: 201-688-5644

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